Cut costs, without compromising on features.

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± € 2.950

Billed annually


± € 23.400

Billed annually

Web Features

Reliable, proven plugins work together like a well-oiled machine.

Landing Page Builder

Design and customize stunning landing pages with intuitive design tools like Elementor. Drag and drop to create visually engaging custom pages. No coding required!

Popup Form Builder

Easily create eye-catching popup forms to captivate your visitors. A user-friendly interface ensures a pleasant experience in collecting data and directing user actions.

Blogging Software

Publish relevant content with a streamlined blogging platform. Equipped with built-in SEO tools and a user-friendly editor, making and managing content becomes a breeze.

Lead Capturing

Turn visitors into potential customers. Use powerful tools to efficiently capture leads, maximising the potential from your leads. Each lead is synchronised with your Hubspot CRM that you’re already using.


Manage and organize your audience effectively. Create comprehensive lists to store contact information, ensuring efficient outreach every time.

Email Marketing


Target the right audience with precision. Break down your email lists into specific segments for more personalized and effective communication.

Email Template Builder

Design compelling emails without the hassle. Use customizable templates to create emails that resonate, all without needing design expertise.

Tech Features

Excellent Performance

Ensure lightning-fast loading times and seamless browsing. Our setup is optimised for speed and delivers unmatched performance for your website. We aim for a PageSpeed score of 90+. This is significantly faster than almost all Hubspot websites.


Peace of mind with top-notch security measures. Protect your data and your visitors with SSL and a Web Application Firewall (WAF).

Maintenance & Updates

Stay up to date with regular updates. Enjoy hands-free maintenance, keeping your platform current, secure, and functioning optimally.

Automatic Content Translation

We offer a service that translates all content into more than 50 languages. The DeepL translation machine is the most powerful available.

What Client Says About us

The same website, but faster, cheaper, and easier to manage. MigrateSpot is a highly professional partner for website migration. From start to finish, it's a clear and seamless process, thanks in part to the open and pleasant collaboration. And if you encounter any issues, they always come up with a practical solution!
Marjolein van der Krogt
Product Manager - Bentlie


Here are the answers. If not, give us a call and I can probably help you further!

Will the URLs of my website remain the same after migration?

Yes, we retain your existing URLs and thus the SEO value you have built up over the years. So don’t worry about broken links.

Yes, MigrateSpot offers support for making changes to your website after the migration is complete. We provide ongoing maintenance and support for your WordPress site, ensuring that help and guidance are available when you need to make updates or adjustments to your website.

Our pricing structure depends on the size and complexity of the project. We provide a detailed proposal outlining the timeline, deliverables, and costs of the project. We are transparent about our pricing and ensure there are no hidden fees.

We offer ongoing support to ensure that your website or app runs smoothly. We also provide maintenance and update services to keep your digital assets up-to-date and secure.

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Cut costs, without compromising on features.

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